How To Bulk Up Fast - Without Getting Fat!

This is the simplest advice you can use to BULK UP FAST without getting fat at the same time! I used the same formula when I lived at home with my parents and gained over 50 pounds of muscle mass over the course of a year. My Mom was a tough negotiator and only agreed to shop for my breakfast, lunch and dinner. Those three meals covered about half of my caloric intake getting me close to 3000 calories each day.

Toning vs. Bulking

Everyone has an idea in their head when it comes to looking their fittest and healthiest. For some, it's fitting perfectly into a certain outfit, or walking on the beach in a bikini with total confidence. For others, it may mean seeing a defined midsection reflected in the mirror, or having strong, toned shoulders or legs. We all have our own goals for how we want to look and feel. Although your specific

Debunking fitness

There is a reason this big myth doesn't die. Time and time again trainers argue that big weights will not a bulky woman make. And this is true. In part. Problem is that this theoretical myth-busting line is part myth, too. Many of us know that when we train differently we do, in fact, see a difference in our shape.

The Basics Of Bulking Up

Building muscles and muscle mass is one of the toughest tasks you can attempt. Okay, sainthood is probably harder, but not by a lot. Your body is an extremely efficient machine. It retains the amount of muscle mass that is required to comfortably perform your daily routine — no more and no less. Excess bulk takes a lot of energy to maintain — up to 50 calories a day per extra pound